Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bumblebee Loves Sponsoredreviews.com - Easy To Make Money

Bumblee joined Sponsoredreviews.com as blogger and got approve for this blog on Jan 14th:

And GOT PAID TODAY! they just sent me money to my paypal. cool:

Not much but not bad for a zero rank blog:) Hope to get a high rank so more opportunities come.

I really enjoy going into this get paid to blog site because you get to bid for your reviews. Advertisers set a price range and bloggers get to send offers for their services to the advertisers. After sending the offers, the advertisers could also send a counter offer and it is now up to the publisher if he/she still wants to do the review.

Payment are sent a couple of weeks after the approval of the post.

Join SponsoredReviews free, and make money easily! sounds like scam? no! I make money with them remember?

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